Aristotle’s statement, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ is insightful and wise.  By narrowing our focus, we can fail to see the bigger picture.  Human beings are as complex and unique as the illnesses we can develop and likewise the way that we heal can vary between people.

Holistic medicine takes a broad view of treating a person’s illness and assisting with their recovery.  Environmental factors, emotional states, age, diet, lifestyle factors are often taken in to consideration as well as presenting symptoms.  This gives the holistic practitioner a broader viewpoint to tailor-make a treatment specific to their patient’s needs.  It is not a one-size fits all recovery plan.  Holistic medicine is unique to the individual.

With this approach, a holistic practitioner will empower their patient and partner with them on their journey back to health and wellness.

A narrower reductionist treatment plan may be a necessary to address a specific medical problem but will have greater success when combined with a holistic approach.  In this way a biomedicine practitioner working with a holistic practitioner with the mutual goal of recovery to health for their mutual patient is a wise option and one I think Aristotle would agree with.  An example might be a woman with breast cancer who is surgically operated on to remove a tumour, has the area radiated and completes a course of chemotherapy.  Afterwards she may be prescribed drugs such as Charlotte bw IMG_9112_Final (600 x 400)Tamoxifen to block hormones that may feed her cancer – all of these are reductionist treatments – very focused and needed.  Combine these biomedical interventions with Oncology massage to help her through this aggressive treatment to reduce her fatigue, nausea and pain and engage her with a support group to assist her to feel connected to her community and the initially reductionist treatment focus becomes more holistic leading to the promise of better recovery outcomes.

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