One of the biggest challenges for me as a small business owner is to work out how to reach out to new customers and how to let them know why they should choose City Haven Massage Therapy above any other Myotherapy or Remedial Massage business.
There are many practitioners offering the same type of services but how many of them are offering the same quality of care and high standards that my business offers?
Just prior to Christmas I booked in for a relaxation massage at a local beauty salon. I had been given a voucher and was tired from a busy year. I was fully aware that the massage was for relaxation purposes and that was fine. On arrival at the business, I wasn’t required to fill out a health history form and in fact I didn’t have to give any personal details. They didn’t ask me if I had any allergies or any pre-existing health conditions.
I was also enjoying a pedicure that day and during that treatment, I asked the beauty therapist about her massage training aware that she would have completed relaxation massage study during her beauty course. She volunteered that had also done some self- study on the internet and that she also did a little bit of remedial and a few other techniques. I felt concerned that she was teaching herself techniques and then claiming to be able to do things she wasn’t formally trained to do. She proudly named some of the muscle groups getting a few wrong. I cringed but knew that as I was booked in for a relaxation massage, everything would be fine.
Once it was time for the massage, she showed me to a darkened room. I wondered how clean the linen was. She instructed me to lie on my stomach and she left the room so I had privacy to get on to the table. When she came back in she said to me, ‘Do you have any areas of concern?’. I answered ‘Oh no, I’d just like a relaxation massage please’. I didn’t want her to treat me, I simply wanted a relaxation massage.
Literally the first thing she did was pull my underwear down at the back without consent. It’s normal to move someone’s underwear to work on gluteal muscles but always asking permission first. The way it was done was almost a shock.
The massage itself was ok but her pressure was often quite firm. I felt concerned for other unsuspecting clients that may be put in danger because of the lack of this therapist’s professionalism.
That’s a personal experience of going somewhere and realising how high our standards are in comparison.
What exactly makes us different.
• All clinic staff are employed and are paid for their entire shift, not per massage.
• We schedule 15 minutes between client appointments so we can be ready to start on time.
• Our towels are laundered via a local laundry weekly
• We hold a permit to provide Myofascial Dry Needling granted by the Whitehorse City Council who audit us regularly. For the last 2 years we have been granted a 5-star hygiene rating at Mont Albert.
• You will notice a standard of treatment starting with a thorough assessment including posture and range of movement testing prior to and after your treatment.
• Each treatment is specifically designed to your presenting condition.
• We can provide comprehensive exercise prescription to help you improve further at home – we have a database of exercises that all therapists use.
• Our association provides us with a code of ethics that we follow and they keep us updated about anything related to health services that could affect us or our customers so we can keep up to date with legal requirements and expectations.
• We take a full clinical health history for every customer so we can fully understand your health conditions. We obtain your consent for treatment and clearly explain what we are going to do prior to commencing therapy.
• Every time we treat you, we clinically record our treatment notes which can be accessed by our therapist team so if you see a different therapist next time, everyone is aware of all recent therapeutic aims and can continue the treatment in a streamlined way.
• We are qualified and display our certificates at our clinics. We provide services we are trained to do.
Be wary of seeking treatment with another provider who doesn’t ask you to provide them with your health history and obtain your consent for treatment. Check the cleanliness of the treatment room. Make sure qualifications and association memberships are visible or available if requested. It’s always a warning sign if the therapist cannot speak English. You should be able to clearly communicate with your therapist.
A cheaper price may attract you to seek treatment elsewhere, but make sure you are not trading quality of care and standards for a few dollars off your treatment cost.
I am very proud of the standards of care we provide at City Haven Massage Therapy. I was delighted to receive a review recently speaking of our consistency of treatment. That is what I strive for. I would like you to visit City Haven Massage Therapy knowing that you can expect quality standards from a dedicated therapist team with your health and well-being foremost in our priorities.

Charlotte works alongside her therapist team at City Haven Massage Therapy in Mont Albert & Parkville.  The clinics are open throughout the week for your convenience including evening and Saturday appointments at Mont Albert.

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