Today I had the pleasure of providing a MYOTHERAPY treatment to an 85-year-old gentleman in a nursing home. 

He has been effected by a stroke he had some years before and is unable to move his right arm and right leg.  His speech has also been effected and he often finds it hard to form the words he wants to say with a mouth that he can no longer fully control.

It’s only the second time I treated him today and this time he was in bed so I could work on his right leg more easily than in his wheelchair.

I aimed in my treatment to reduce tension in his muscles particularly in his hip flexors (front of the thighs) that were often in a shortened position from hours of sitting with his legs bent.

I could see his right leg tended to turn out and I focused on passively mobilising his hip, knee and ankle through all available ranges of movement to give him comfort and for him to simply enjoy his effected leg being moved in ways he was unable to move it himself.

During the treatment, he smiled and said ‘Good’ – I stretched his Gluteals (muscles in his bottom) and he nodded to me as if to say ‘Yes that’s the spot – that feels good’.  It was great to be able to help someone feel better and it really reinforced to me why I do this job.

All during the treatment he initiated conversation and I could see how hard it was at times for him to speak and how frustrating it was to even try.  I encouraged him and was patient.  I offered some words for him when he just couldn’t speak in the hope that they might have been close to those he wanted to use.  This helped him and he could nod or say ‘yes that’s it’.

Often in my work I am struck by the power of just being kind to each other.  Kindness is contagious and spreads.  You can’t help but smile and feel good when you are kind.  I really believe that’s the secret treatment tool in my therapist toolbox and that just being kind whilst I work helps me do a great job and my patient responds to my treatment techniques as we have developed trust and a rapport that is the basis for healing and wellness.

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